Articles from the Austrian Philatelic Society journal 'AUSTRIA' and elsewhere.

Expanded versions of articles from our quarterly journal 'AUSTRIA' (and some brand new ones!) with additional or coloured illustrations, or with added political and social background, will appear on this site. So will original articles on Austrian matters with lesser philatelic relevance, or which require coloured illustrations.

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The Austro-Hungarian Army Fieldpost Lombardy & Venetia Kitzbühel Old letters
10 Schilling slot machines Classification of cancels. The Anschluß Registration Posthorn series
Perforations Postablagen Austro-German Postal Union Oltreticino Novarese Fine & coarse printing
Vienna Town & Reg'n Cancels Austrian State Treaty Kleinwalsertal Warrington 3. Reich postcards
Danube Aspern Reprints Still not in Klein Wechsel
Around the Ring Kaprunerthal Dumb cancels Newspaper Tax Information sources
1. Rep. Charity Issues K.K. or K.u.K.? Postauftrag service Revenue stamps Exhibitions
1880 P.O. form numbers Gmünd camp Graz 1945 issue WWI Charity issues Chalk or cheese?
Newspaper postage stamps Unidentifiable stamps Cinderella stamps Personal stamps Subscriber's Bonus stamps
Schafbergbahn A Salzkammergut Bummel Multiple-franking vocabulary Austria in 1918 WWI: missing parcels
Did Kaiser Karl abdicate? A brief history of Austria Inland postal rates Registration Rates USA air mail rates
Post-WWII locals L&V Newspaper Tax Varnish bars St Germain Treaty Stars on airmails
The demise of the Schilling in 1938 Letters written by Musicians Wiener Frühjahrsmesse 1947 British troops in Tirol, 1918-19 The Austrian thimble cancel
German dictionary German abbrevs Classical issues Emergency Money Cooking: the books
Tauchboofbriefe Wien 25 Pneumatic post    

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