APS Cancellations classification - Grouping of stamp issues

This table gives a simplified tabulation of the separate issues, for classification of cancel usage. It uses the ANK (Austria Netto Catalogue) numbers. Particularly post-1945, the divisions correspond to the major changes in cancels, so cover a wider span of dates.

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Issue     Date     Type Defins A, N (see note) P-Due Commems
21858-59Rectangular head10-15N16-N17  
31860-61Oval Head18-22N23  
41863Oval Arms perf 1424-28N29  
51864Oval Arms perf 930-34   
81890Kaiser Kreuzer50-68 1-9 
91900-06Kaiser Heller (Includes all the design, varnish bar and colour changes of the period) 69-138N97-N104 10-34 
101908-13Jubilee139-156N157-N16034-46Birthday:161-177 Charities:178-184
111916-17Crown, Arms, & Kaiser185-211 & 221-224N212-N220 A225-A22747-63 
121914-18Civilian cancels used as datestamps on unfranked fieldpost material. These often carry ring & bar cancels not found elsewhere.     
13 1918-19Deutsch-Österreich overprints228-246N247-N25464-74 
1919Posthorn etc255-292N293-N31175-102 
1920-21Shield312-320  Plebiscite:321-339 Flood:340-359
141922-241st Republic Definitives360-397  103-131 
1922-24Head398-408N409-N417; A425-A432 418-424 & 433-446
151925-30New Currency447-467A468-A487 132-158488-497
1929-30Large Pics498-511  512-529
1932Small Pics530-543  544-566
1934-36Costumes567-587A598-A612159-174 588-597 & 613-659
161939/45Cancels and name changes introduced during German occupation.     
171945Graz/Wien overprints660-696   
1945Allied Occupation issues697-736  175-203737
1945Landscapes738-774  775-846
181947Landscapes monochrome847-862 204-231 863-886
1948Costumes887-923 & 1052-1072A967-A973232-259924-966; 974-1051; 1073-1089
1957-63Buildings1090-1114  1115-1581
191973-78Landscapes1582... see note 260-2671602-2396
1984-96Abbeys & Statues1806... see note
1997-2000Legends2245... see note
202002-Euro issues2397-2401 Discontinued2402-

In column 5, prefix letters A & N are added for Airmail and Newspaper Post: ANK does not use such letters.
For the three definitive series which collectively we call Issue 19, ANK does not allocate consecutive numbers: Landscapes are 1582-1601 but also 1644, 1680, 1681, 1727, 1741, 1742, 1744, 1761; Abbeys are 1806-9 and eg 1894, 1956, 1994, 1995, 2014, 2015; Legends include 2245, 2262, 2272, 2273, 2290...

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