Classification of 20th century cancellations on Austrian stamps

Ortswerbestempel (or Ortswerbeflaggen) cancellations

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These are cancellations with 'town propaganda': text and/or pictures which publicise a place, or commemorate some historical event associated with it. They are usually adjacent to the date/time part, but sometimes are within or around it. They can be made by machine or by hand. Examples are:

sillian Large circles with words and picture(s) inside
pulkau Continuous rollers with alternating CDS and word/picture box, often with top and bottom marginal lines
Wien sideways Continuous rollers with alternating CDS and wavy lines
St Andra Single CDS with slogan or picture: see almost any post-1960s holiday postcard!

In the introduction to Wurth's book on 'special cancels', the relevant section at the top of page 6 translates thus. "It is to be noted that there are occasions when Ortswerbestempel are occasionally confused with Special Cancellations because of their layout, arrangement or design. Following the first appearance of this catalogue in 1967, most of the urgings to fill supposed gaps fall into this category. The following examples of Ortswerbestempel will provide points of reference." He follows this with illustrations similar to those shown above.

To conclude: Ortswerbestempel is a function performed by a cancel which has placename, date&time info, postcode if recent enough, and words and/or picture(s) which publicise a place, usually adjacent to the date/time part but sometimes within or around it. It can be any of several cancellation types - indeed in principle any cancel could have such accompanying material. The description Ortswerbestempel thus cannot be used as part of our system to classify the cancel.

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