Chapter 6 App A: Superior Headquarters and miscellaneous formations

This Appendix lists those superior headquarters and miscellaneous formations that are not dealt with in succeeding appendices. They are listed in the following order, but some overlapping occurs as will be seen on studying the detail: - HFront, HGp, Armeen, AGp., Korps and Gp: under each such heading Austro-Hungarian headquarters & formations are shown before German ones. The preponderance of the latter indicates the extent to which, as the war progressed, the Germans virtually assumed command of the fighting on all but the Italian front.

Entries are against a date on which the detail shown was correct. Wherever possible that detail includes the superior headquarters under which the headquarters or formation operated on that date; the name of its commander; the location of its headquarters; and the elements under command. Chapter 6 should be read before using this Appendix.

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HFront, HGp

Südwestfront / HFront EH Eugen / HFront Boroević

23 May 15Formed, Kmdo at Marburg: Kmdt GO Erzerherzog (EH) Eugen came from 5 Armee in the Balkans: LVD Tirol, AGp Rohr, Hauptrayon Küstenland from 27 May 5 Armee, Bereich des Kriegshafens Pola.
15 Oct 15LVD Tirol, AGp Rohr, 5 Armee.
10 Mar 1610 Armee, 5 Armee.
Apr 16GO EH Eugen moved to form HGp EH Eugen at Bozen, and AOK appears to have taken command of Südwest front
12 May 17reactivated by this date with Kmdo at Marburg and FM EH Eugen as Kmdt: HGp Conrad, 10 Armee, 5 Armee, Kriegshafens Pola.
24 Oct 17under AOK as HFront EH Eugen: d. 14 Armee, HGp Boroević: HFrontres 4 ID, 13 SchD, 33 ID all with FABrigs deployed.
31 Oct 1710 Armee came under command.
26 Dec 17d. 14 Armee, HGp Boroević: Kmdo at Udine.
11 Jan 18became HFront Boroević.
15 Jan 18became HGp Boroević, see below.

HGp Böhm-Ermolli

See 2 Armee in Appendix 6B

HGp Boroević

25 Aug 17formed from ? Kmdo Isa: 2 Isa, l Isa.
26 Dec 17HFront EH Eugen: Kmdo-St Vito: 2 Isa, l Isa.
end Dec 171 and 2 Isa disbanded and Isa Kmdo reformed from Kmdo HGp Boroević:
11 Jan 18HFront EH Eugen became HFront Boroević (see above) and on 15 Jan became HGp Boroević: 6 Armee came under command 20 Jan.
1 Feb 18GO Boroević: promoted FM.
1 Apr 18AOK: 6 Armee, Isa.
15 Jun 18AOK: FM Boroević, 6 Armee, Isa; HGp unm. from 22 Jun-23 Jul Orientkps: Abschnitt Triest, Kriegshafens Pola.
15 Aug 18AOK: 6 Armee, Isa.
15 Oct 18AOK: AGp Belluno, 6 Armee, Isa: HGp res -44SchD: Abschnitt Triest, Abschnitt Fiume, Küstenabschnitt Pola, EtGpKmdo Görz and Belluno.
24 Oct 18AOK: AGp Belluno, 6 Armee, Isa.

HGp EH Eugen / HGp Conrad / HGp EH Joseph / HGp Krobatin

early Apr 16GO EH Eugen moved from Südwestfront to Bozen to form Kmdo HGp EH Eugen: LVD Tirol, 11, 3 Armee.
15 May 1611, 3 Armee, LVD Tirol.
1 Aug 16AOK: Rayon I, II, 11 Armee, Korps Roth.
1 Apr 17AOK: Rayon I, II, 11 Armee, XX Kps: Kmdt - FM Conrad so now HGp Conrad.
12 May 17AOK: Rayon I, II, 11 Armee, XX Kps: between May and Sep 17 10 Armee came under command.
31 Oct 1710 Armee passed to under command HFront EH Eugen.
1 Nov 17AOK: GP EH Peter Ferdinand, ll Armee, XX Korps.
28 Nov 17AOK: 10 Armee, ll Armee.
1 Jan 18AOK: 10 Armee, ll Armee.
15 Jun 18AOK: 10 Armee, ll Armee: HGp res-53 ID: HGp unm.-Kmdo XVIII Kps
15 Aug 18AOK: 10 Armee, ll Armee: HGp res-EdwD: now HGp EH Joseph.
15 Oct 18AOK: 10 Armee, ll Armee: HGp res-part EdwD, 36 ID, 74 HID.
26 Oct 18AOK: now HGp FM Krobatin: 10 Armee, ll Armee.

HGp EH Joseph Ferdinand

1 Sep 15AOK: Kmdt-EH Joseph Ferdinand Kmdt 4 Armee: l Armee, 4 Armee: HGp res-Gp Smekal (Kmdt 45 SchD) - 45 SchD, 4 ID
20 Sep 15reinforced by d. 5KD, d. XXIV Rkps-d. 1 ID, d. 22 ID.

HGp EH Karl (12 Armeekmdo) / HFront EH Karl / HFront EH Joseph / HGp EH Joseph / HFront FM Kövess

1 Jul 16AOK: formed from 12 ArmeeKmdo as HGp EH Karl: 7 Armee, 3 Armee, d. Südarmee, 2 Armee: HGp res -d. 209 Ibrig (of d. 105 ID).
5 Oct 16AOK: Kmdo-Chodorow: 3, 7 Armee.
13 Oct 16AOK: Kmdo-Groswardein: 3, 7, 1, d. 9 Armee.
20 Oct 16AOK: as HFront EH Karl: 7, 1, d. 9 Armee.
24 Oct 16Kmdo-Klausenburg.
1 Nov 16AOK: d. 9 Armee, 1, 7 Armee: HFront res-KavKps Brudemann.
6 Nov 16Kmdo - Schässburg.
2 Dec 16became HFront EH Joseph.
12 Jan 17AOK: 7, 1 Armee.
23 Jan 17Kmdo moved to Maros-Vásárhely.
1 Feb 17AOK: 7 Armee, 1 Armee, Gp Gerok.
1 Mar 17AOK: 1, 7 Armee.
23 Jul 17AOK: 1, 7 Armee.
22 Sep 17Kmdo - Klausenburg.
1 Oct 17AOK: 1, 7, 3 Armee.
31 Dec 17AOK: now HGp EH Joseph: 1, 7, 3 Armee.
15 Jan 18Kmdo moved from Klausenburg to Vittorio in Italy: seems to have become Kmdo new 6 Armee.
15 Jan 18former 3 Armee Kmdo became Kmdo HFront FM Kövess on amalgamation of 3 and 7 Armee as 7 Armee: FM Kövess was former Kmdt: 7 Armee: now commanded 2, 7, 1 Armeen.
Mar 18AOK: 7, 1 Armee.
5 Apr 18HFront FM Kövess disbanded.

d. HGp Below / d. HGp Scholtz / Armee Scholtz

10 Oct 16successor to d. HGp Mackensen in Serbia / Bulgaria: Kmdt-preuss GdI v.Below: bulg.1 Armee, d. 11 Armee, bulg. 2 Armee: under DOHL.
1 Feb 17DOHL: d. 11 Armee, bulg.1, 2 Armee.
1 Mar 17DOHL: now d. HGp Scholtz: d. 11 Armee, bulg.1 Armee.
15 Sep 18DOHL: Serbia: d. 11 Armee, bulg 1 Armee.
4 Oct 18replaced by HGp Kövess, see below, and Kmdo moved to Romania.
30 Oct 18Oberkmdo Mackensen: as Armee Scholtz: Kmdo-Pitesci: facing south: Abschnitt Turn-Severin -d. 218 ID;155 HID en route in Siebenburgen; Abschnitt Coralia 62 ID: Abschnitt Giurgia -d. 226 ID: Abschnitt Oltenita.

d. Hgp Linsingen / d. HGp Eichorn

15 Oct 15AOK: Kmdt-d. GdIv.Linsingen: Kmdo-Gorodisze, south of Brest -Litovsk: KavKps Hauer; d. Gp Gerok; Gp Kritek-KavKps Herbertstein, XVII Kps; 4 Armee.
24 Dec 15AOK: from Pripiatj to Luck: d. Gp Gerok, 4KD at Kowel, 4 Armee.
1 Jan 16AOK: .d. AGp Gerok, 4 Armee.
4 Jun 16AOK: 4 Armee: HGp unm. -Korps Fath, KavKps Hauer, d. Gp Gronau (verst.d. XXXXI Rkps): HGp res-45 SchD.
3 Jul 16AOK: 1 Armee, d. AGp Marwitz, 4 Armee: HGp unm.-d. X Armeekps, d. AGp Bernhardi, II Kps, Korps Fath, KavKps Hauer: HGp res -2 Brig Polen Legion.
28 Jul 16AOK: d. AGp Marwitz, 4 Armee: HGp unm.-d. Gp Lüttwitz (verst. d. X Armeekps), d. AGp Bernhardi, KavKps Hauer, d. Gp Gronau -until 30 Jul: HGp res -d. 86 ID, d. 10 LD: 61 ID under AOK control re-equipping.
31 Aug 16AOK: Kmdo-Kowel: d. AGp Bernhardi, 4 Armee, d. AGp Marwitz.
16 Sep 16AOK: d. AGp Bernhardi, 4 Armee, d. AGp Litzmann.
1 Oct 16d. HFront Prinz Leopold v.Bayern: Kmdo-Kowel: d. AGp Bernhardi, 4 Armee, d. AGp Litzmann.
1 Nov 16d. HFront Prinz Leopold v.Bayern: d. AGp Litzmann, 4 Armee, d. AGp Bernhardi, KavKps Hauer.
12 Jan 17d. HFront Prinz Leopold v.Bayern: Kmdo-Chelm: d. AGp Bernhardi, 4 Armee, d. AGp Falkenhayn.
1 Feb 17covered from N of Kowel to excl Sokal
1 Mar 17d. HFront Prinz Leopold v.Bayern: Abschnitt Lipa (Gen Kmdo d. XXII RKps), 4 Armee, Abschnitt Kowel (GenKmdo LV), KavKps Hauer.
1 Jul 17d. HFront Prinz Leopold v.Bayern: Abschnitt Lipa (GenKmdo d. XXII RKps), 4 Armee, Abschnitt Kowel (GenKmdo LV), KavKps Hauer: HGp res-d. 92 ID.
1 Oct 17d. HFront Prinz Leopold v.Bayern: d. AGp Falkenhayn, 4 Armee, d. Gp Bernhardi, KavKps Hauer.
31 Dec 17d. HFront Prinz Leopold v.Bayern: d. AGp Falkenhayn, 4 Armee, Abschnitt Kowel, A. Abt Gronau.
End Mar/ early Apr 18became d. HGp Eichhorn.
1 Jun 18at Kiev and included IR 93.

d. HGp Mackensen

6 Oct 15DOHL: to command invasion of Serbia: Kmdo complete by 9 Oct: d. 11 Armee, 3 Armee, bulg.1 Armee.
11 Nov 15bulg. 2 Armee added.
Jul 16succeeded by d. HGp Below, see above: moved to north Bulgaria to face Romania across the Donau.
27 Aug 16DOHL: Kmdo at Trnova: bulg.12 ID, d. Det Kaufmann, Donauflottille, LandungsGp, bulg. 3 Armee.
1 Sep 16DOHL: bulg.3 Armee incl d. Det Kaufmann; öst-ung Gp Gaugl, Donauflottille.
early Nov 16DOHL: Kmdt-preuss GFM v.Mackensen: bulg 3 Armee incl türk VI Kps, d. 217 ID; d. LII Kps incl Donauflottille and PionierGp Gaugl.
Dec 16DOHL: d. 9 Armee., Donauarmee.
12 Jan 17DOHL: Kmdo-Bukarest: d. 9 Armee, d. Donauarmee, bulg.3 Armee.
1 Feb 17DOHL: d. g Armee, bulg 3 Armee.
1 Mar 17DOHL: bulg 3 Armee, d. 9 Armee: Donauflottille, PionierGp.
23 Jul 17DOHL: bulg.3 Armee, d. 9 Armee: until at least 28 Feb 18.
Apr 18became OberKmdo Mackensen, although still shown as HGp Mackensen in some documents.
1 Jun 18DOHL: incl Ouartiermeisterabteilung 16: 62 ID, 143 IBrig, 216 HIBrig incl.
30 Aug 18DOHL: d. 218 ID, d. 226 ID; d. LXIII GenKmdo-d. 89 ID, d. 303 ID, d. LstID.
30 Oct 18DOHL: Kmdo - Bukarest: Armee Scholtz: d. LXIII GenKmdo d. 89 ID, 143 Ibrig, d. 303 ID -facing Romanian army: en route f rom Ukraine - d. 7 KD, bayr.7 KBrig.

d. Armeen

d. Bugarmee

4 Jul 15d. Ostfront: Kmdt-GdI v. Linsingen: between 1 Armee and d. Südarmee: Galicia: d. BeskidenKps, d. XXXXI RKps, d. 107 ID, 11 bayr. ID.
1 Sep 1511 HKD came under command.

Note that v. Linsingen next commanded d. HGp Linsingen, see above.

d. Südarmee

23 Jan 15new formation brought in to strengthen the position on the Carpathians south of 3 Armee: Kmdt-d. GdI v. Linsingen: Kps Hofmann, d. XXIV RKps: Armee unm.-preuss 3 GID, 10 KD, d. 5 KD.
14 Apr 15now between 2 and 7 Armeen: Gp Szurmay, d. Kps Bothmer, Kps Hofmann, d. Gp Gerok.
1 May 15Gp Szurmay, d. Kps Bothmer incl 75 HIBrig (of 38 HID), Kps Hofmann, d. XXIV Rkps incl 19 ID.
16 May - 3 Jund. Gp Gerok, Kps Hofmann, d. Kps Bothmer, Gp Szurmay.
12-21 Jun 15d. Gp Marschall, Kps Hofmann, d. Gp Gerok, d. Kps Bothmer, Gp(Kps) Szurmay.
1 Sep 15GdI v.Linsingen having gone to command d. Bugarmee in early Jul at the latest, see above, bayr. GdI Graf v. Bothmer now in command: d. Kps Marschall-see Appendix C, Kps Hofmann; Armee unm.-d. 48 RD: until now under AOK.
15 Oct 15AOK: Kmdo-Brzezany: d. Kps Marschall, Kps Hofmann.
24 Dec 15Tarnopol with only five and a half ID.
1 Jan 16Kmdo-Brzezany: d. Kps Marschall, Kps Hofmann.
3 Jul 16AOK: between 7 and 2 Armeen: Kmdt-bayr. GdI Graf v. Bothmer: XIII, VI Kps, Kps Hofmann, IX Kps: Armeeres-d. 1RD.
28 Jul 16HGp EH Karl: XIII, VI Kps, Kps Hofmann, IX Kps.
1 Oct 16HGp EH Karl: Kmdo-Ronatyn: IX Kps, Kps Hofmann, türk.XV Kps, d. XXIV RKps-from 23 Sep, d. X RKps-from 23 Sep.
early Nov 16HGp Böhm-Ermolli: d. X Rkps, türk.XV Kps, Kps Hofmann; Armee unm.-38 HID.
12 Jan 17HGp Böhm -Ermolli: Kmdo-Chodorow: Kps Hofmann, türk.XV Kps, d. XXVII RKps.
1 Mar 17HGp Böhm -Ermolli: d. XXVII RKps, türk.XV Kps, XXV Kps; Armee unm.-38HID.
1 Jul 17HGp Böhm -Ermolli: d. XXVII RKps incl 38 HID; türk.XV Kps, d. XXV Rkps, XXV Kps.
1 Oct 17HGp Böhm -Ermolli: d. XXVII RKps incl 38HID, XXV Kps, d. XXV Rkps, d. Beskidenkps.
31 Dec 17HGp Böhm -Ermolli: XXV Kps, Abschnitt Jablonow (d. XXVII Rkps); XII Kps Kmdo arriving.

d. 9 Armee

1 Sep 15d. Ostfront: not a new formation: incl 2 and 9 KD.
24 Dec 15d. HGp Prinz Leopold v.Bayern.
19 Sep 16AOK: Siebenburgen: Kmdt-v.Falkenhayn: d. XXXIX Rkps Gp Szivo (10 KBrig Kmdo), Gp Sunkel (d. 187 ID), Gp Krafft six Baone d. AlpenKps, d. KavKps Schmettow -51 HID, d. 3 KD, l KD.
26 Sep 16AOK: Kmdo-Muhlbach: d. KavKps Schmettow, d. XXXIX Rkps incl 51 HID. d. AlpenKps Div, one half d. 89 ID.
14 Oct 16HGp EH Karl: Kmdo-Fogara: KavKps Schmettow, d. I RKps, d. XXXIX Rkps incl 51 HID, d. AlpenKps Div, 10 GbBrig, Gp Bussl (d. 30l ID).
early Nov 16HGp EH Karl: Gp Szivo (145 Ibrig), d. LIV Kps include 144 Ibrig, d. KavKps Schmettow, Gp Krafft, d. I RKps.
6 Dec 16d. HGP Mackensen: d. XXXIX Rkps, d. I Rkps, Gp Krafft, d. LIV Kps, KavKps Schmettow.
12 Jan 17d. HGp Mackensen: Kmdo-Buzen: Gp Krafft, d. I RKps, d. LIV Kps, Gp Schmidt incl d. 115 ID: 7 KD-Bukarest.
1 Mar 17d. HGp Mackensen: GenKmdo LII (Donauarmee) incl 145 IBrig, d. 115 ID, Gp Schaer incl 7 KD in part, d. 1 RKps, Gp Sontag incl 73 ID;11 Kbrig (of 7 KD) as Armeeres: Donauflottille, Pioniergruppe.
23 Jul 17d. HGp Mackensen: GenKmdo LII(Donauarmee) incl 145 IBrig, d. 115 ID, d. 76 RD; Gp Behr incl 92 ID;d. I RKps, d. Gp Gallwitz incl 62 ID.
1 Oct 17d. HGp Mackensen: türk.VI Kps, d. LII Kps (former Donauarmee) incl 145 IBrig, Gp Rimmie -d. 109 ID, 92 ID;d. I RKps incl 62 ID, D.XVIII RKps.
31 Dec 17d. HGp Mackensen: türk.VI Kps, d. LII Kps incl 145 IBrig, d. I RKps incl 92 ID, 62 ID; Gp Marenzi -7 KD, 8 KD.
28 Feb 18d. HGp Mackensen: Gp Marenzi -d. 218 ID, 7 KD, 8 KD;d. I RKps incl 62 ID, 92 ID; d. LII Kps incl 145 IBrig; türk.VI Kps.
Apr 18türk.VI Kps moved to Asia: Kmdo d. 9 Armee moved to W Front.

d. 11 Armee

1 May 15AOK: newly formed: v.Mackensen: preuss GardeKps, VI Kps, d. XXXXI Rkps, komb.d. Kps, d. X Kps.
20 May 1511 HKD arriving.
26 May - 3 Jun 15AOK: 4 KD, d. XXXXI Rlcps, VI Kps, d. X Kps, 11 HKD.
12-21 Jun 15AOK: d. XXXXI Rkps, VI Kps, preuss Gkps, d. XXII Rkps, d. X Kps, d. komb.Kps.
1 Sep 15d. Ostfront
6 Sep 15began move to Balkan front with d. IV Rlcps, d. X RKps.
6 Oct 15HGp Mackensen: d. GdA v.Gallwitz: d. III Kps-from Germany, d. IV Rkps, d. X Rkps: Armee umn.-öst-ung Gp Fülopp-kk Lst Ibaone, -öst-ung ArtillerieGp.
24 Dec 15HGp Mackensen: Knido-Skoplje: d. IV RKps,d. AlpenKps, d. 210 Rbrig (ofd. 105 RD).
10 Oct 16d. HGp Below.
1 Mar 17d. HGp Scholtz: Kmdt-v.Winckler: GenKmdo LXII, GenKxndo LXI. both mcl bulg.ID.
Mar 18d. HGp Scholtz: five ID.
15 Sep 18d. HGp Scholtz: GenKmdo LXII- 1, 6 bulg.ID, d. 302 ID, Ohrida Div; GenKmdo LXI-2, 3,4 bulg.ID.
16 Oct 18HGp Kövess: Kmdo-Jadodina: d. 6 RD; d. XXXXIX RKps-part 30 ID, d. AlpenKps; GenKmdo LIII-d. 219 ID, d. 217 ID,9 ID:XI Kps Kmdo arriving.
4 Nov 18HGp Kövess: Kmdo-Ruma: XI Kps; d. XXXXIX Rkps -d. 219 ID opp Belgrad, d. AlpenKpsa Karlwitz; GenKmdo LIII Det Klanmi, part 4 KD, d. 6 KD, Donauflottille all along the Donau; Gp Weisskirchen -part 4 KD mcl Kmdo.

d. 14 Armee

Sep 17formed for 12th Isonzo (Caporetto): Kmdt-d. G v.Below.
24 Oct 17HFront EH Eugen: Gp Krauss (1 Kps); Gp.Stein (III bayr.AKps) 50 ID, d. 12 ID, d. AlpenKps, d. 117 ID; Gp Berrer (d. GenKmdo LI) d. (1 württ) 26 ID, d. 200 ID; Gp Scotti (XV Kps).
26 Dec 17HFront EH Eugen: Kmdo-Vittorio: Gp Krauss (1 Kps), Gp Scotti (XV Kps), Gp Hofacker -13 SchD, d. 117 ID.
11 Jan 18HFront Boroević: XV, II, XXIV Kps.
20 Jan 18handed over to new Kmdo 6 Armee, see Appendix B.


AGp Albanien

See XIX Kps in Appendix C

AGp Belluno

15 Aug - 15 Oct 15formed: under HGp Boroević: Kmdt Ritt.v.Goglia; XXVI, 1, XV Kps: AGp res-60 ID, 55 ID, 21 SchD.
24 Oct 18HGp Boroević: XXVI, 1, XV Kps.

AGp EH Eugen / AGp Tersztyánszky

1 May 15see 5 Armee in Appendix B: from this date 5 Armee under its Kmdt GdK EH Eugen became AGp EH Eugen: Kmdo-Peterwardein: 109 LstlBrig-opp Orsova, 10 GbBrig- Weisskirchen, XV Kps- N of Belgrad, to incl Mitrowitz, XVI Kps - along the R.Save; under AOK.
mid May15EH Eugen departed to become Kmdt SUdwestfront, see above.
5 Jun 15GdK Tersztyánszky came from the Korps with his name in 2 Armee and now the AGp took his name.
15 Jun 15AOK: 59 ID, 61 ID, d. 103 ID -dep 9 Jul.
end Aug 15AOK: Rayon Banat - incl Brig Mracek; Rayon Syrmien -incl 206, 205 LstlBrig.
early Oct 15d. HGp Mackensen formed for the invasion of Serbia, see above. By Jul 16, GO Tersztyánszky was Kmdt 4 Annee.

AGp Falkenfehd

Aug 14AOK: N Galicia: Kmdt GdK Heinrich Ritter Kummer v.Falkenfehd: 7 KD, kk 95 LstID, kk 106 LstID, ku 100 LstlBrig.

AGp Kövess / HGp Kövess

8-25 Aug 14AOK: Galicia: GdI Hermann Kövess: XII, III Kps, 11 ID, 43 SchD, 20 HID, 1 KD, 5 HKD, 8 KD, kk 35, kk 40, ku 102, ku 103, kk 105 LstlBrig, 12 MaBrig, HMaR 13, 15, 9, 10.
25 Aug 14on arrival 2 Armee handed over: GdI Kövess then Kmdt XII Kps.
14 Apr 15d. Armee Woyrsch: known as AGp Woyrsch (XII Kps): until Oct 15 when GdI Kövess took command of 3 Armee: as GO v.Kövess he then took over 7 Armee in Spring 17 and as FM v.Kövess took over HFront Kövess in Jan 18.
4 Oct 18AOK: newly formed HGp Kövess replaced d. HGp Scholtz in Serbia: 10 Oct Kmdo opened at Belgrad.
15 Oct 18AOK: Belgrad:the planned order of battle was d. 11 Armee, AGp Albanien, BHD. Not all forces had arrived before the end.
2 Nov 18Kindo-Apatin.
4 Nov 18Kmdo-Neusatz opposite Peterwardein.

d. AGp Bernhardi / d. GenKmdo LV (Abschnitt Kowel) / Gp Bernhardi

3 Jul 16d. HGp Linsingen unm.: Kmdt -preuss GdK v.Bernhardi: d. komb ID GM Rusche, 11 bayr.ID, d. 107 ID.
28 Jul 16d. HGp Linsingen unm.: d. komb ID Rusche, d. 107 ID, II Kps, Korps Fath: res- 51 SchBrig, 2 Brig Polen Legion.
31 Aug 16d. HGp Linsingen: Kxndo -Kowel: KavKps Hauer, Kps Fath, II Kps, d. Kps Rusche.
1 Oct 16d. HGp Linsingen: KavKps Hauer, Kps Fath -from 25 Oct, XXII Kps, II Kps, d. 107 ID, d. 92 ID.
early Nov 16d. HGp Linsingen: d. verst.LV Kps: d. 92 ID, d. 107 ID, II Kps, XXII Kps.
12 Jan 17d. HGp Linsingen: Kmdo -Kowel: Abschnitt Kowel (d. verst.LV Kps); KavKps Hauer, XXII, II Kps.
1 Jul 17d. HGp Linsingen: Abschnitt Kowel (d. GenKmdo LV), II Kps.
1 Oct 17d. HGp Linsingen: as Gp Bemhardi (d. verst.LV Kps): d. 45 LD, d. 107 ID, d. 22 ID; 4 ID moving to SW Front; XXII Kps, KavKps Hauer.
31 Dec 17d. HGp Linsingen: Abschnitt Kowel (d. verst.LV Kps).

d. AGp Eben

12 Jan 172 Armee: Abschnitt Zloczów (? GenKmdo des d. I Kps) -IV Kps, d. 195 ID, d. 197 ID, IX Kps.

d. AGp Litzmann / d. Gp Litzmann / d. Kps Litzmann

31 Aug - Sep 164 Armee: Poryck: X Kps, Kps Szurmay, d. Gp Beckmann, d. 5 IBrig.
1 Oct 164 Armee: (d. XL Kps): Tartakow: d. Gp Falkenhayn, d. Gp Diefenbach.
early Nov 16d. HGp Linsingen: (Kmdo d. XXXX Rkps): Gp Diefenbach, Gp Falkenhayn.
12 Jan 171 Armee:XXI, VI Kps: 10 bayr.ID departing.
1 Mar 171 Armee: as Gp Litzmann: VI Kps; Gp Seekuchner -8 bayr.ID (part), ku 16 LstlBrig, 61 HRFABrig, 10 KD, 47 Ibrig; XXI Kps.
1 Oct 173 Armee: as Kps Litzmann: 5 ID, d. 83 ID, d. 16 RD, 2 KD.

d. AGp Marwitz / d. Gp Marwitz

3 Jul 16d. HGp Linsingen: Kmdt -preuss GdK der Marwitz: 7 ID, d. 108 ID, d. 22 ID, 48 ID; Gp Falkenhayn(d. ).
28 Jul 16d. HGp Linsingen: d. Kps Diefenbach, d. Gp Beckmann.
31 Aug 16d. HGp Linsingen: Kmdo -Sokal: d. Gp Falkenhayn, d. Gp Diefenbach.
1 Oct 164 Armee: Kmdo -Poryck: X Kps, Kps Szurmay, d Gp Beckmann.
early Nov 164 Armee: as Gp Marwitz (Kmdo d. VI Kps): d. Gp Beckmann, Kps Szurmay, X Kps.

d. AGp Riemann

12 Jan 174 Armee: Abschnitt Luga: X Kps, Kps Szurmay, d. Gp Beckmann.


See also section 6C

d. Alpenkorps

? 11 Jun 15arrived at Brixen and Bruneck: bayr. JägerBrig 1, Jäger Brig 2.
29 Oct 15arriving at Weisskirchen on Balkan Front.
24 Dec 15d. h Armee: S of Skopje.
19 Sep 16d. 9 Armee, Gp Krafft, six Baone.
26 Sep 16d. 9 Armee, as d. AlpenKps Div
6 Dec 16d. I RKps.
12 Jan 17d. 9 Armee, Gp Krafft.
1 Mar 17d. 9 Armee, Gp Sontag.
16 May 17left Romania.
24 Oct 17d. 14 Armee, d. Gp Stein.
late Dec 17left SW Front.
16 Oct 18d. h Armee.

d. Beskidenkorps

by 6 Apr 153 Armee: Kmdt -der Marwitz: made up of two and a half ID from d. Südarmee and troops from E.Prussia / Poland.
1 May 153 Armee: d. 4 ID, d. 25 RD, d. 35 RD.
4 Jul 15d. Bugarmee.
19 Jul 17Abschnitt Zloczöw (GenKmdo des d. I AKps) in 2 Armee: having moved from Chelm via Lemberg since 13 Jul: d. 223 ID, 96 (sächs) ID; Gp Willielmi-d. 197 ID incl some öst-ung troops, 63 Ibrig (of 32 ID), SchR 29 (3) of 19 ID, 19 FABrig, d. 237 ID: by 23 Jul was Abschnitt res with d. 233 ID, d. 96 (sächs) ID.
1 Oct 17d. Südarmee: d. 96 lID, d. 237 ID, d. 241 ID.

d. Kps Diefenbach / Gp Diefenbach

28 Jul 16d. AGp Marwitz: (Kmdo d. 22 ID): Gp Hordt (Kmdo 331D) -46 SchD, Gp preuss GM v.Hulsen (from 1 Aug, Gronau) -65 Ibrig (of 33 ID), 92 SchBrig, 48 ID, d. 22 ID.
31 Aug/Sep 16d. AGps Marwitz: 48 ID, Gp Sachsen -Meiningen (92 SchBrig); one half 46 SchD, d. 22 ID.
1 Oct 16d. AGp Litzmann: (d. verst.22 ID): d. 22 ID, 48 ID, Gp Sachsen -Meiningen (92 SchBrig), remainder 46 SchD.
early Nov 16d. AGp Litzmann: (Kmdo d. 22 ID): 46 SchD, 48 ID, d. 22 ID.

d. Karpathenkps

28 Jul 167 Armee: d. verst. 2 JgBrig - from 7 Aug, d. 200 ID, 8 KD.
28 Aug/30 Sep 167 Armee: Kmdt -Conta: d. LstIR 35, d. 200 ID, elements 10 bayr.ID, HIR 306, d. 1 ID.
1 Oct 167 Armee: as d. Karpathen Kps Conta: d. 2 RdfBrig, d. 200 ID, 10 bayr.ID, d. 1 ID.
early Nov 167 Armee: d. 1 ID, d. 2 RdfBrig -moving to d. 9 Armee. d. 200 ID.
12 Jan 177 Armee: d. 200 ID, d. 1 ID.
1 Mar 177 Armee: 12 ID incl elements d. 1 ID, d. 200 ID.
23 Jul 177 Armee: 40 HID, d. l ID, d. 200 ID.
1 Oct 177 Armee, Gp Conta: XXVI Kps; d. Karpathen Kps -d. 4 ErsID, d. 1 ID, 31 ID, bayr.8 RD; XVII Kps.

d. Landwehrkorps v.Woyrsch / d. Armee Woyrsch / d. HGp Woyrsch

Aug 14central Poland: d. 3, 4 LD.
23 Jan 15as d. Armee Woyrsch: Kmdt -preuss GO v.Woyrsch: 2 Armee, d. ArmeeAbtlg Woyrsch d. LandwehrKorps Woyrsch -d. 3, 4 LD, LD Bredow
14 Apr 15d. Ostfront; AGp Kövess (XII Kps), d. Landwebrkps.
3 Jun 15d. Ostfront: 7 KD, d. LD Bredow; dIII Lkps -d. 3, 4 LD; AGp Kövess (XII Kps).
24 Dec 15d. 9 Armee: eight ID, incl XII Kps.
4 Jun 16d. Ostfront: incl XII Kps: until at least early Nov 16.
1 Feb 17d. OberKmdo Ost:as HGp Woyrsch: AAbtlg Scheffer-Boyadie, AAbtlg Woyrsch incl XII Kps, AABtlg Gronau.
1 Mar 17incl XII Kps until at least 1 Jul 17: 1 Oct 17 did not include any öst-ung troops.

verst. d. VIII Kps

12 Jan 174Armee:29 ID, d. 16 ID, d. 15 ID

verst. d. X Armeekps

31 Aug 164 Armee: 29 ID incl d. 37 Ibrig; d. 121 ID, d. 19 ID, d. 20 ID.
16 Sep 164 Armee: 29 ID, one third d. 86 ID, d. 191 ID, two thirds d. 121 ID, d. 20 ID, d. IR 90.
1 Oct 164 Armee: 29 ID, one third d. 75 RD, d. 19 ID, d. 121 ID, d. 20 ID, one third d. 86 ID.
28 Jul 16see d. Gp Lüttwitz below.
early Nov 164 Armee: d. 20 ID, d. 19 ID, d. 121 ID, 29 ID.

d. XXV RKps

late Sep 167 Armee: Kmdo arr from Brest -Litowsk 10 Sep: one third 30 ID, d. 1 17 ID, 34 ID.
early Nov 167 Armee: d. l 17 ID, 215 IBrig and 30 FABrig, 34 ID.
1 Mar 177Armee:341D,301D,d. 1171D.


[of Korps and Dion size: for those of Brigade size see section 6E]

Gp 1 XIX

see 81 ID, section 6D

Gp (Kps) Benigni

1 Sep 157 Armee: Kmdt -FML Ritt.v.Benigni: Gp Brudermann (Kmdt 3 KD) 3 KD, 6 KD, FABrig Gp Brudermann; 6 ID, 5 HkD, 5 ID.
15 Oct 157 Armee: 3 KD, Brig Békési, half 202 LstlBrig, 5 ID, 6 ID leaving.
15 Dec 157Armee: 5 ID, 3 KD, 8 KD.
1 Jan 167 Armee: Brig Békési, 5 ID, 3 KD, 8KD.
4 Jun 167 Armee: 3 KD:30 ID, 42 HID, 8 KD, 5 HKD, 51 HID.
3 Jul 167Armee: 24 ID, 59 ID, 44 SchD.
Jul 167 Armee: VIII Kps Kmdo arr from 11 Armee and took over from Gp (Kps) Benigni: note that in Aug 17 FZM Benigni commanded VIII Kps, and it is likely that he took command in Jul 16.

Gp FML Rudolf Braun

24 Dec 15XIX Kps: Trebinje.
1 Jan 16BHD: Trebinje: MobGp Trebinje, Gp Obst Lörinczy, Art Gp 1 KnBt Trebinje, 3 KnBt China Div II, 7 BtFHIR 36, lGbHbBt Trebinje, HbBt 'S', 15cm HbBt 4, 2-15cm HbBt.
5 Jan 163 Armee: Trebinje: 21 LstGbBrig

Gp FML v.Guseck / Gp Etschtal

12 Jun 16XXI Kps.
30 Jun 16XXI Kps: Gp Mjr Friedl -ku LstlBaone II/30, III/30, IV/23; 28 LstGbBrig - arr 6 Jul
1 Aug 16XXI Kps: ku 28 LstGbBrig, ku LstIR 30(2), kk LstIBaone IV, IV/23, 172 -from Rayon III, MaBaone Dereani u.Staszkiewicz, one GendAssistenzKorp, StSchAbtlgn Brixen, Glurns, Gries, Imst, Kitzbühel, Küfstein, Meran I, Reutte I, Vallarsa, seven MGAbtlgn; ArtKmdo I from Rayon III, 2-attached from XXI Kps, u.3 KnBtGbAR 6; 3 KompSB8.
1 Nov 16by this date KSchD (see section 6D) had become Gp Guseck or had been absorbed by that group: 11 Armee: Villa Lagasina to north of Rovereto: 88 KSchBrig, 28 LstGbBrig, 98 KSchBrig.
1 Apr 1711 Armee: now as Gp Etschtal.
12 May 1711 Armee: 88 KSchBrig, ku 28 LstGbBrig, 98 KSchBrig, 3 Schwd rtTKSchD, ArtBrigKmdo Etschtal - GbAR 6(7), 3 FlakBt (or three), 1-15cm KnBt, 1-30.5cm Ms, 1-42cm Hb, 2Komp FsAR I, 1 (or one) Komp each of FsAR 4, FsABaone 1 and 4; 1 (or one) Komp each of SB8, 12, 14.
15 Jun 1711 Armee: 88 KSchBrig, 28 LstGbBrig, 141 IBrig: see 56 SchD (section 6D) for later story.

Gp Haberunann

see 7 Armee for 1 Oct, 31 Dec 17

Gp (Kps) Henriquez

1 Sep 157 Armee: Kmdt FML Ritt.v.Henriquez: 8 KD, 30 ID: note that in Aug 17 Gdl Ritt v. Henriquez commanded Abschnitt III in Isa, and in Oct 17 was commander of 2 Isa.

Gp Herbertstein

See section 6C

Gp Hordt

See IV Kps for late Aug 17 in section 6C

Gp Kletter

See 11 Armee for 10 Nov 17 (section 6B) and VI Kps for 3 Feb 18 (section 6C)

Gp Kosak

15 Oct l5 - 28 Jul 16see 27 ID in section 6D
24 Oct 172 Isa: 60 ID(former 73 ID), 35 ID, 57 ID: Gp unm. - 19 FABrig Kmdo with 7 & 13 FABrigs
31 Dec 173 Armee: 5 ID, 2 KD, PolnHilfsKp 5, 31 ID.
28 Feb 167 Armee: 187 LstlBrig, 6 KD, 36 ID, 5 ID, 2 KD: XIII Kps Kmdo in reserve.

Gp Krause

See 1 Kps for 23 Jul 17 (section 6C)

Gp Liposcak

23 Jul 17l Armee: 7 ID, ku 16 LstIBrig, 10 KD.
1 Oct 171 Armee: 7 ID, 16 HIBrig, 10 KD: note that GdI Liposcak was GenGouv Polen on 15 Jun 18.

Gp Ljubicic

1 May 15XIII Kps: 9 IBrig, 16 IBrig, IBrig Kuhn.

Gp Lützendorf

See section 6C

Gp Marenzi

See 1 Armee for 1 Oct 17 (section 6B) & d. 9 Armee for 31 Dec 17 and 28 Apr 18 (section 6A)

Gp FML Martiny

See section 6C

Gp EH Peter Ferdinand

prior to 10 May 1710 Armee: Abschnitt I, II, III, IV
from 10 May 1710 Armee: Abschnitt III - 59 GbBrig, Abschnitt IV -93 ID.
1 Nov 17HGp Conrad: Rayon I, II
1 Apr 18HGp Conrad: Rayon I, II and l ID.
15 Jun 18HGp Conrad: Kmdt -GdI EH Peter Ferdinand: Rayon I -became 164 IBrig from end Jun; Rayon II -1 ID, 22 SchD, Brig Ellison -became 163 IBrig from end Jul.
8 Jul 181 ID left for W Front.
Aug 18and not later than 15 Oct 18, 10 Armee took over Rayon I & II; V Kps took over 164, 163 IBrig and 22 SchI).

Gp Rohr

See section 6B

Gp FML Schenk

14 Sep 165 Armee Abschnitt hUb: 9 ID, 24 LstlBrig.
10 Nov 16became XXIII Kps see section 6C

Gp Schmidt

See section 6C

Gp Schwer

See section 6C

Gp Scotti

See XV Kps (section 6C) for 24 Oct and 26 Dec 17

Gp Siebenburgen

6 Oct 18Kmdo opened at Kronstadt: Kmdt -FML Goldbach.
15 Oct 18Kmdt - Edl.v.Sulittaborn: 1 KD, 216 HIBrig
30 Oct 181 KD (reinforced), 216 HiBrig.

Gp FML v. Sorsich

6 Oct 153 Armee: LstEtBrig Obst v.Ybl, LstEtBrig GM Schiess; ku LstEtBaon IV/27, 3 SchwdLstHusD 1, lKompPB 5
11-17 Oct 153 Armee: south of Mitrovica.
22 Oct 153Armee: combined with (?)Gp Streith
29 Oct 153Armee: Bacevic.
24 Dec 15XIX Kps: Cattaro area.
1 Jan 16XIX Kps LstlBrig FML Schiess, LstIBrig GM Streith.
5 Jan 16XIX Kps: Brig Schiess, Brig Streith
1 Mar 17d. Gp Gerok: 71 ID -incl one d. IR; 70 HID -incl a BrigKmdo, one IR and three Bt of 8 bayr. RD

Gp Trollmann

See section 6C

d. Gp Beckmann (Kmdo d. 108 ID)

31 Aug 16d. AGp Litzmann KavGp Leonhardi -10 KD, 7 KD, 18 Kbrig, d. 2 GKBrig; d. JgR 6.
16 Sep 16d. AGp Litzmann d. 108 ID, d. RIR 21, d. 2 GKBrig
1 Oct 16d. AGp Marwitz: d. Gp Kleist -part d. 115 ID and d. 2 GKBrig; d. 108 ID.
early Nov 16d. Gp Marwitz: d. 108 ID, d. 2 GKBrig, d. 15 ID.
12 Jan 17d. Agp Riemann: d. 224 ID, d. 2 GKBrig, d. 108 ID.

d. Gp Berrer

24 Oct 17d. 14 Armee: d. GenKmdo LI: d. (1 württ.) 26 ID, d. 200 ID.

d. Gp Conta

See d. Karpathenkps in section 6A

d. Gp Falkenhayn / Kps Falkenhayn / AGp Falkenhayn

3 Jul 16d. AGp Marwitz: Kmdt -preuss. GdK v.Falkenhayn: 61 ID,7 KD, 4 KD, d. 43 RD, d. 9 KD.
28 Jul 16d. AGp Marwitz: Kmdo 4XXII Rkps: Gp Runckel -7 ID, 21 Kbrig of 4 KD; 443 RD.
31 Aug / 16 Sep 16d. AGp Marwitz: d. 43 RD, 21 Kbrig, 7 ID.
1 Oct 16d. AgpLitzmann: d. 43 RD, 7 ID, one third d. 86ID.
early Nov 16d. AGp Litzmann: as Kps Falkenhayn: Kmdo d. XXII RKps: 7 ID, d. 43 RD.
12 Jan 17d. HGp Linsingen: Abschnitt Lipa: Tartakow: as AGp Falkenhayn: Gp Gronau d. 215 ID, 7 ID; Gp Leipzig -half 20 HID, 46 SchD. d. 22 ID.
1 Oct 17d. HGp Linsingen: Kmdo d. XXIJ Rkps: 46 SchD, Buzany Div, 32 ID, d. 215 ID.

d. Gp Gallwitz

23 Jul 17d. 9Armee: 62ID, d. 217 ID.

d. Gp Gerok / AGp Gerok / Kps Gerok

1 Jan 16d. HGp Linsingen: KavKps Hauer; Kps Conta -2, 3 Brig Polen Legion; 11 ID; d. 1 ID -until 6 Mar; Kps Fath.
7 Dec 161 Armee: Kmdo -Kézdivásárhely: verst. 71 ID, two thirds d. 187 ID, 1 KD, 4215 ID.
1 Jan 171 Armee: d. XXXIX Rkps -d. 187 ID, 71 ID -incl d. LstIR 36, two thirds 449 RD; Gp Ruiz (Kmdt 1 KD) -6 KBrig incl d. JgR 20, d. 218 ID -incl HR 2.
12 Jan 171 Armee: Kmdo d. XXXIX RKps until mid Jan; d. 187 ID -replaced by 70 HD 20 Jan; 71 ID; 8 GbBrig; d. 49 RD in part until mid Jan; Gp Ruiz -I KD, d. 218 ID.
1 Feb 17HFront EH Joseph: independent
1 Mar 171 Armee: GenKmdo d. XXIV Rkps: Gp Ruiz -1 KD, d. 218 ID; Gp Sorsich.
23 Jul 171 Armee: Gp Ruiz -d. 218 ID, 1 KD; VIII Kps; Gp res-7 KD.
1 Oct 171 Armee: d. XXIIV Rkps: d. 117 ID, d. 218 ID, 37 HID.

d. Gp Kräwel

3 Jul 167 Armee: 6KD, d. 119 ID, d. 105 ID: öst-ung Gp GM Leide -30 IBrig, part 30 ID, part 39 HID.

d. Gp Lüttwitz

See also verst. d. X ArmeeKps above

28 Jul 16d. HGp Linsingen unm.: verst. d. X Akps -d. 20 ID, d. 19 ID incl IR 94(3) of 29 ID, d. 121 ID, 29 ID incl d. 37 IBrig of d. 19 ID.

d. Gp Stein / Agp Stein

29 Oct 161 Armee: Kmdo 8 bayr. RD: 71 ID, 1 KD
22 Dec 16 / 12 Jan 171 Armee: as AGp Stein: one quarter 39 HID, part bayr. 8 RD, half 24 ID.
24 Oct 17d. 14 Armee: Kmdo III bayr. Akps: 50 ID, d. 12 ID, d. AlpenKps, d. 117 ID

d. Gp GLt Sunkel

19 Sep 16d. 9 Armee: d. XXXIX Rkps: d. 187 ID, 144 Ibrig, three Baone d. AlpenKps.

Various other headquarters and groupings

Truppen des Kommandierenden Generals in BHD

Aug 14Kmdt -FZM Potiorek: see 6 Armee in Appendix B.
21 Dec 14Kmdt -FML Sarkotić: Kmdo-Sarajevo.
end Dec 14AOK: GP GM Komm, Kmdo-Bijeljina -6 GbBrig, 9 LstEtBrig at Srebenica; 4 GbBrig at Vlasenica; 18 GbBrig at Rogatica; 17 GbBrig at Cernernica.
Feb 15AOK: 58, 59ID.
1 May 15AOK: Kmdt -GdI Sarkotić: 5 GbBrig at Tuzla, 4 GbBrig at Vlasenica, probably 58 ID; 18 GbBrig at Rogatica, 9 GbBrig at Sarajevo, probably 59 ID with 6 GbBrig (?); 47 ID at Castelnuovo.
end Aug 15AOK: GpStreith, 53 ID, 47 ID.
1 Jan 16AOK: XIX Kps; Gp FML Braun at Trebinje; res -kk 21 Lst GbBrig until 22 Jan; Gp Brgat at Bileca, Avtovac and Sutjeska.
15 Jun 16AOK: Kmdt -GO Freiherr v. Sarkotić: 45 SchD -only 90 SchBrig; Kustenschutz Dalmatien Nord and Süd; Fs Cattaro, Sarajevo, Trebinje, Mostar, Bileca, Kalinovik, Avtovac.
4 Nov 18Grenzbereich Rogatica -45 SchD; Grenzbereich Tuzla 32 ID, 10 KD arriving: under command HGp Kövess.

Landesverteidigungs Tirol (LV or LVD Tirol)

Feb 15AOK: Kmdt -GdK Dankl: Kmdo -Innsbruck: incl Hauptrayon Tirol
23 May 15Südwestfront: Rayon I -53 HaBrig, Rayon II -54 HaBrig, Rayon III -91 ID, Rayon IV -90 ID, Rayon V -56 GbBrig until 8 Jun then komb Div Pustertal, Fs Trient.
15 Oct 15Südwestfront: Rayon I -53 HaBrig; Rayon II - 88 KSchBrig; Rayon III -91 ID, 8 ID, 52 HaBrig; XIV Kps; Rayon IV -90 ID; RayonV -komb Div Pustertal; Fs Trient
mid Feb 16see 11 Armee above and XIV Kps in section 6C

Abschnitt Kowel

31 Dec 17d. HGp Linsingen: d. Gp Bernhardi, XXII Kps, Abschnitt Tobol d. 1 LD, badener 4 KBrig.

Abschnitt Zloczów

1 Jul 172 Armee: GenKmdo d. I AKps: IX Kps, d. 197 ID, 33 ID.
19 Jul 172 Armee: Kmdt -preuss. GdI v.Winckler (? ex-d. 11 Armee): d. Beskidenkps; d. XXIII or XXXIII Rkp -preuss. 1 and 2 GID, d. 6 ID, 33 ID; d. GenKmdo LI -d. 5 ID, d. 22 ID; res -d. 42 ID.
1 Oct 17HGp Böhm -Ermolli: Kmdo d. I Kps: Gp Loszniów -d. 197 ID, d. 22 ID; Gp Ostrow -d. 6 RD, d. 6 ID; Abschnitt Tarnopol -d. 232 ID, 11 ID.
31 Dec 17HGp Böhm -Ermolli: d. I Kps: Gp Loszniów -d. 197 ID. bayr. ErsD, d. 223 ID; Gp Tarnopol -d. 232 ID, 11 ID.

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