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Each Armee is listed here. Entries are against a date which is that on which the following detail was correct. The detail includes, wherever possible, the superior headquarters under which the Armee operated - but AOK is not shown: the name of the commander: the area in which the Armee operated or the Location of the headquarters: the Korps under command: any Division etc under direct command.

Chapter 6 should be read before using this Appendix.


Aug 1914GdK Dankl: Galicia: I, V, X Kps: 12 ID, 3, 9 KD, kk 1, 36, ku 101, kk 110 LstBrig, 1, 5, 10
Oct 1914Poland left flank: I, V, X.Kps: 3, 7 KD, kk 35, ku 100, 101, kk 110 LstIBrig, kk 106 LstID,
23 Jan 1915Poland left flank: II, I Kps, Gp FML Martiny.
14 Apr 1915Poland left flank: II, 1 Kps.
1 May 1915Poland left flank: II, I Kps.
May 1915GdK Dankl to Tirol; FZM v.Puhallo took command.
16-20 May 1915advance into Poland: I, II Kps, Gp Wolff: 7 KD joining.
26 May 1915 to 21 Jun 19151 Armee Kmdo non-operational.
22 Jun 19151 Armee Kmdo operational again.
2-29 Jul 1915Moving south to area Lemberg: 1 Armee Kmdo: I, II Kps Kmdo and 4, 25 ID, 46 SchD.
1 Sep 1915HGp EH Joseph Ferdinand: FZM v.Puhallo: 13 SchD, Kps Szurmay, I, II Kps; Gp Smekal
15 Oct 1915HGp Böhm-Ermolli: Kmdo -Beresteczko: Kps Szurmay, I, II Kps.
24 Dec 1915HGp Böhm-Ermolli: Kmdo -Dubno: four infantry divs only.
1 Jan 1916HGp Böhm-Ermolli: Kmdo -Beresteczko: Kps Szurmay, I Kps, 24 ID.
4 Jun 1916HGp Böhm-Ermolli: XVIII Kps: 25 ID as Armeeres.
3 Jul 1916HGp Linsingen: GO v.Puhallo: XVIII Kps.
27 Aug 1916Siebenburgen: Kmdo -Klausenburg: 61, 71 ID, 143 Ibrig, 51 HID, 144, 145 IBrig.
19 Sep 1916Siebenburgen: GO v.Arz: d.l Rkps -Kmdo arr 9 Sep from Poland, VI Kps -Kmdo arr 21 Sep
7 Oct 1916Siebenburgen: XI Kps. Gp Hábec, VI Kps: d. I RKps passed to d. 9 Armee.
9 Oct 1916Kmdo -Maros Vásárhely.
14 Oct 1916XXI Kps joined. XI, VI Kps.
25 Oct 1916XI Kps passed to 7 Armee.
29 Oct 1916Kmdo (from 24 Oct)-Székely Udvarhely: XXI, VI Kps, Gp Stein (Kmdo 8 bayr.RD):
24 Nov 1916Gp Litzmann (XXI Kps and KavKps Brudermann), VI Kps, Gp Gerok (until 15 Nov was Gp Stein).
28 Nov - mid Dec 1916XXI Kps, Gp Stein, VI Kps.
22 Dec 1916 to 12 Jan 1917AGp Stein, VI Kps, AGp Gerok - d.XXXIX Rkps, Gp Ruiz (Kmdt 1 KD): 51 HID moving N
12 Jan 1917HFront EH Joseph: Kmdo -Székely Udvarhely: AGp Litzmann - 10 bayr.ID, XXI, VI Kps;
1 Mar 1917GO Rohr: Gp Gerok (GenKmdo d.XXIV Rkps) -Gp Ruiz (1 KD), Gp Sorsich (71 ID): VII Kps Kmdo en route: Gp Litzmann (GenKmdo d.XXXX Rkps) -VI Kps, Gp Seekuchner, XXI Kps.
23 Jul 1917HFront EH Joseph: GO Freiherr v.Rohr: Gp Gerok -Gp Ruiz, VIII Kps; VI Kps; Gp Liposcék;
1 Oct 1917Hfront EH Joseph: Gp Marenzi -8 KD, 7 KD; Kps Gerok (d.XXIV Rkps) -d.117, d.218 ID;
31 Dec 1917HFront EH Joseph: VII, VI (only until 22 Jan), IX, XXI Kps.
28 Feb 1918HFront Kövess: XXI, IX Kps; Abschnitt Uz -28 LstGbBrig, 3 KD; VII Kps.
26 Mar 1918HeimkehrerKordon: 15 ID, 37 HID, 72 ID, 16 HIBrig.
15 Apr 19181 ArmeeKmdo disbanded.

2 ARMEE / OberKmdoOst / 2 Gen Kmdo / Ostarmee

Aug 1914GdK Böhm -Ermolli: Syrmia: IV, VII, IX Kps: 23 HID, half 7 ID, 10 KD, 4, 7, 8 MaBrig,
21 Aug 1914Kmdo moved to Galicia.
25 Aug 1914Galicia, replacing AGp Kövess: XII, III, VII, IV Kps: 11 ID, 43 SchD, 20 HID, 1 KD, 5 HKD, kk 35, 40, ku 102, 103: kk 105 LstI Brig: 12, 7 MaBrig(latter arr 2-5 Sep): HMaR 13, 15, 19, 10, (VII Kps arr 27 Aug - 2 Sep, IV Kps arr 2 -9 Sep.)
Oct 1914Poland right flank: XII, VII Kps, ku 103 LstIBrig, 32 ID, IV Kps, 5 HKD, 8, 1 KD: from end
mid Nov 1914Moving to left flank in Poland: 2 Armee Kmdo, XII, IV Kps.
23 Jan 1915d.Armee Woyrsch: d.Kps Galliwitz, IV, XII Kps: 3, 7, 9 KD.
15 Feb 19152 Armee Kmdo arr N Carpathians between 3 Armee and d. Südarmee: Gp Szurmay, V, XVIII, XIX Kps.
2 Mar 1915N.Carpathians: Gp Szurmay, V, XVIII Kps, Gp Schmidt. XIX Kps.
10 Mar 1915N.Carpathians: Gp Szurmay, V, XVIII Kps, Gp Martiny, Gp Lützendorf, Gp Schmidt, XIX Kps.
20 Mar 1915Gp Szurmay, V, XVIII Kps, Gp Martiny, Gp Schmidt, Gp Trollmann.
31 Mar 1915Gp Szurmay, V, XVIII Kps, Gp Schmidt, XIX Kps.
14 Apr 1915XIX Kps, Gp Schmidt, V Kps.
1 May 1915Carpathians between 3 Armee and d.Südarmee: XIX,.VIII.,.IV, XVIII, V Kps.
16-20 May 1915V, XVIII, IV Kps, Kps Tersztyánszky.
26 May 1915 to 3 Jun 1915V, XVIII Kps, Gp Schmidt.
12-21 Jun 1915Gp Kornhaber, V, XVIII, XIX, IV Kps, d.Beskiden Kps.
1 Sep 1915E Poland: XVIII, IV, XIX, V Kps.
15 Oct 1915HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): Kmdo - Brody: 1 Armee; 2 Armee -XVIII Kps,
24 Dec 1915HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): Kmdo -Brody: eight and a half ID, one KD (?4KD).
1 Jan 1916HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): XVIII Kps, Kps Kosak, V, IV Kps, KavKps Lehmann; Brig Benes in Armeeres.
4 Jun 1916HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): Kmdo -Brody: IV, V Kps, Gp Kosak; Armee / HGp res -29 ID, 21 KBrig.
3 Jul 1916GO v.Böhm -Ermolli: IV, V Kps, Gp Kosak, IR 12 (of 33 ID).
28 Jul 1916HGp EH Karl: IV, V Kps. Gp Kosak (Kmdo 27 ID), XVIII Kps.
1 Oct 1916HGp Linsingen.
5 Oct 1916HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): XVIII, V, IV kps, Gp Eben, IX Kps (from 5 Oct):
20 Oct 1916HGp Böhm -Ermolli now 2 Armee, d.Südarmee and 3 Armee.
1 Nov 1916HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): Gp Eben (d.I Kps) -IX Kps, d.197, 195 ID; IV, V, XVIII Kps.
12 Jan 1917HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): Kmdo -Lemberg: XVIII, V Kps, AGp Eben
1 Feb 1917Oberkmdo -Ost (Prinz Leopold v.Bayern), HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): N of Sokal -Körosmezö: 2 Armee, d.Südarmee, 3 Armee.
1 Mar 1917HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): 3 Armee, d.Südarmee. 2 Armee - Abschnitt Zloczów
1 Jul 1917HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee) new under HFront Prinz Leopold v.Bayern: 3 Armee,
1 Oct 1917HFront Prinz Leopold v.Bayern: HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): d.Südarmee &
31 Dec 1917HFront Prinz Leopold v Bayern: HGp Böhm -Ermolli (Kmdo 2 Armee): d.Südarmee -until
28 Feb 1918HFront FM Kövess: XVIII, V, XII, XXV Kps.
mid Mar 1918Advance into the Ukraine, Kmdo finally being in Odessa: FM Freiherr v.Böhm -Ermolli:
20 Mar 19182 Armee Kmdo became Oberkmdo Ost.
31 Mar 1918Oberkmdo Ost became Kmdo 2 Gen Kmdo, in Odessa,.thus relieving the unofficial '4 Armee Kmdo' (see 4 Armee below): FM Freiherr v.Böhm -Ermolli as Kmdt, GO Freiherr v.Kirchbach as Deputy Kmdt.
16 May 19182 Gen Kmdo became Kmdo Ostarmee, GdI -Alfred Krauss relieving FM Freih
15 Jun 1918Odessa: XXV, XVII, XII Kps: XI Kps Kmdo, not open: 2 KD, 145 IBrig: Gouv.v.Odessa.
30 Aug 1918Odessa:-XXV, XVII, XII, XI Kps; Odessa -2 KD, 145 Ibrig; Nikolajew -d.42 ID, FJB 27.
15 Oct 1918Odessa: XXV, XVII, XII Kps; Gouv.v.Odessa -145 Ibrig; 2 KD; en route to HGp Köves 59 ID, 4 KD less 4 KFABrig, IR 93 (3) from 34 ID.
30 Oct 1918Evacuating the Ukraine: Kmdo from Odessa to Winniza; XXV Kps -Zmerika; Odessa -2 KD, 145 IBrig, both ready to move; XVII Kps -Cherson; XII Kps -Jekaterinoslaw.
2 Nov 1918Odessa, the following mutinied and imprisoned the Kmdts of XXV Kps, 54 SchD and 2 KD - 54 SchD, 145 IBrig and 2 KD.


Aug 1914GdK Ritter v.Brudermann: Galicia: XI, XIV Kps: 41 HID, 23 HID (from 2 Armee 27 Aug),
Oct 1914GdI v.Boroević: Poland: IX, XI, III Kps: 4 KD, 44 SchD.
31 Dec 1914XVIII Kps formed (? from 44 SchD).
23 Jan 1915N.Carpathians: III, VII, X Kps; Gp Puhallo, XVIII, V, XIX Kps, Gp Szurmay.
Jan 1915Komb Kps from 5 Armee joined -7, 29 ID, 40 HID (ex XV Kps).
early Feb 1915VIII Kps from 5 Armee joined -9 ID, 21 SchD.
mid Feb 1915Following joined -from 1 Armee, ku 1 LstIBrig; from 2 Armee, 27 ID; from 4 Armee, XVII Kps -11 ID, 41 HID, 45 SchD.
15 Feb 1915N.Carpathians: partly relieved by 2 Armee: now consisted of -X, VII, XVII, III Kps.
20 Mar 1915N.Carpathians: X, VII, XVII, III Kps.
31 Mar 1915N.Carpathians: X, VII, XVII, III Kps.
14 Apr 1915N.Carpathians: III, XVII, VII, d.Beskiden Kps, X Kps.
1 May 1915N.Carpathians: X, III, XVII, VII Kps, d.Beskiden Kps.
mid May 1915GdI v.Boroević dep to 5 Armee, Italian front.
16-20 May 1915I KD in rear, d.Beskiden Kps, XVII, X Kps, VII Kps in rear.
26 May to 3 Jun 1915Galicia: d.Beskiden Kps. XVII, X Kps.
12 Jun 19153 Armee Kmdo non-operational, until end Sep 15.
6 Oct 1915HGp Mackensen: Balkans: GdI Kövess: 62 ID, Gp Streith, Gp Sorsich, XIX Kps -from 9 Oct, d.XXII Rkps, VIII Kps.
11 Oct 1915HGp Mackensen: 62 ID -Viségrad; Gp Streith, Sorsich -S of Mitrovica; XIX Kps -Save; d.XXII Rkps -W of Belgrade; VIII -E of Belgrade.
22 Oct 1915Kmdo -Belgrade: 62 ID, Gp Sorsich, XIX Kps, d.XXII RKps.
11 Nov 1915Kmdo -Milanovac: Gp Zhuba -Viségrad; 62 ID, Gp Rheinöhl, XIX Kps, d.XXII Rkps, VIII Kps.
22 Nov 1915Kmdo -Cacak: Gp Vuchelich, Gp Blechingen, 62 ID, XIX, VIII Kps.
24 Dec 1915Kmdo -Cacak: Brig Hauser moving to Sarajevo, 62 ID, 53 ID, VIII Kps.
1 Jan 1916GdI v.Kövess: BHD -XIX Kps; 62 ID; VIII Kps.
5 Jan 1916XIX Kps, Gp Braun -21 LstIBrig, Gp Lorinczy, Bileca Gp, Autovac Gp, 62 ID, VIII Kps.
24 Mar 19163 Armee Kmdo moved to join HGp EH Eugen in the Tirol, arr 2 Apr 16.
early Apr 1916HGp EH Eugen: Kmdo -Bozen: KSchD (Combra) in 11 Armee area, of XXI Kps; 2 GbBrig
15 May 19 16HGp EH Eugen: GdI Kövess: XVII, I, XXI Kps.
12 Jun 1916HGp EH Eugen: Kmdo -Trent: I, III, XVII Kps, 48 ID.
30 Jun 1916HGp EH Eugen: Kmdo -Trent: I, III, XVII Kps, 28 ID, I0 ID.
17 Jul 19163 Armee Kmdo dep Trent for Eastern front: Kmdo I Kps accompanying: arrived
28 Jul 1916HGp EH Karl: GdI Kövess: VII, I Kps, Gp Hadfy, d.Gp Kraewel: Armeeres -5 ID.
1 Oct 1916HGp EH Karl: Kps Hadfy -from 23 Sep, XIII, VIII Kps: Kmdo -Katysz.
20 Oct 1916HGP Böhm -Ermolli.
1 Nov 1916HGp Böhm -Ermolli: Kmdt -Karl Kirchbach: VIII, XIII Kps, Gp Hadfy.
12 Jan 1917HGp Böhm -Ermolli: Kps Hadfy, XIII, VIII Kps.
1 Mar 1917HGp Böhm -Ermolli: Kmdt -v.Tersztyanszky: 5 ID, XIII Kps, Gp Hadfy.
1 Jul 1917HGp Böhm -Ermolli: 5 ID, XIII, XXVI (ex Hadfy) Kps, 16 ID, d.83 ID: following joined
1 Oct 1917HFront EH Joseph: Kps Litzmann, XIII Kps.
31 Dec 1917HGp EH Joseph: Gp Kosak -5 ID, 2 KD, Poln.Hilf.Kps, 31 ID; XIII Kps.
Jan 19183 and 7 Armee Kmdo combined as 7 Armeekmdo: Kmdt 3 Armee, FM Kövess,


Aug 1914GdI Ritter v.Auffenburg: Galicia: II, VI, IX, XVII Kps, 6, 10 KD, 6 MaBrig, HMaR 5,6.
Oct 1914Kmdt -EH Joseph Ferdinand: on right of 1 Armee: II, XVII, VI Kps, 10, 2, 6 KD, 11 HKD.
23 Jan 1915Galicia: XVII (to 3 Armee mid Feb), XIV, XI Kps; Gp Arz-VI Kps, Gp Bartheldy, IX Kps;
20 Mar 1915(part only) -IX Kps, Gp Hadfy.
31 Mar 1915(part only) -IX, VI Kps.
14 Apr 1915Galicia: XIV, VI, IX Kps.
1 May 1915KombID Stöger -Steiner, XIV, IX Kps, 31 Ibrig -from 16 ID, 11 HKD.
16-20 May 1915advance into Galicia: IX, XIV Kps, Kps Kirchbach.
26 May to 3 Jun 1915IX, XIV, VIII Kps, Gp Czapp, AGp Kirchbach -II Kps, Gp Schay.
12-21 Jun 1915XVII, IX, X, XIV, VIII Kps.
27 Aug 1915Moving south to come into line S of new (from 4 Jul) d.Bugarmee.
1 Sep 1915HGp EH Joseph Ferdinand (4 Armee Kmdo): 1, 4, 7 KD (formed from 2 Sep KavKps Berndt (Kmdt 4 KD)): XIV, X Kps.
7 Sep 1915KavKps Berndt; Gp Roth (Kmdt XIV Kps) -XIV, X Kps; IX Kps.
15 Oct 1915HGp Linsingen: Kmdo -Luck: X, IX Kps.
24 Dec 1915HGp Linsingen: Kmdo -Wladimir -Wolynski: nine ID.
1 Jan 1916HGp Linsingen: Gp Kritek -II, XVII Kps; X, IX Kps; Armeeres -21 SchD.
4 Jun 1916HGp Linsingen: Kps Szurmay, X, II Kps; Armeeres -11 ID, 13 SchD, 10 KD.
3 Jul 1916HGp Linsingen: GO v.Tersztyánszky: I0 KD, Kps Szurmay, X Kps.
28 Jul 1916HGp Linsingen: Kps Szurmay, X Kps; Armeeres -25 SchBrig of 13 SchD.
31 Aug 1916HGp Linsingen: verst. (that is, reinforced or strengthened) d.X Kps; AGp Litzmann -X Kps, Kps Szurmay, Gp Beckmann.
16 Sep 1916HGp Linsingen: verst.d.X Kps; AGp Marwitz -X Kps, Kps Szurmay, Gp Beckmann.
1 Oct 1916HGp Linsingen: Kmdo -Wladimir -Wolynski: verst.d.X Kps -29 ID, one third d.75 RD, d.19 ID, d.121 ID, d.20 ID, one third d.86 ID; AGp Marwitz -d.218 ID arr end Oct 16. 13 SchD, d.10 LD, both moving south; 2 ID, Kps Szurmay, Gp Beckmann.
1 Nov 1916HGp Linsingen: d.Gp Marwitz: Kps Szurmay, X Kps, d.Gp Beckmann; verst.d.VIII Kps
12 Jan 1917HGp Linsingen: verst.d.VIII Kps incl 29 ID, d.16 ID, d.15 ID; AGp Rilmen (Abschnitt Luga) -X Kps, Kps Szurmay, Gp Beckmann -d.224 ID, d.2 GKBrig, d.108 ID.
1 Mar 1917HGp Linsingen: GO Freiherr v.Kirchbach: Abschnitt Luga (Gen Kmdo d.VIAKps), XXIV,
1 Jul 1917HGp Linsingen: Abschnitt Luga (GenKmdo d.VIAKps); Abschnitt Mitte (X Kps);
1 Oct 1917HGp Linsingen: d.2 GKBrig, d.108 ID, d.224 ID, 29 ID; X Kps; Abschnitt Turya (d.XII RKps).
31 Dec 1917HGp Linsingen: Abschnitt Luga (X Kps); Abschnitt Turya (d.XII RKps).
28 Feb 1918HGp Linsingen: Abschnitt Turya-12 rtSchD;Abschnitt Luga -X Kps; Abschnitt Lipa -XXII Kps 32 ID, 46 SchD; d.10 LD, 2 GK Brig moving west.
15 Mar 19184 Armee Kmdo disbanded.
28 Mar 1918GO Freiherr v.Kirchbach, Kmdt AGp Kirchbach also known as Gp Cherson and Agp


Aug 1914GdI Ritter v.Franck: N.Bosnia: VIII, XIII Kps, ll Gb, ku 104, 13 MaBrig, HMaR ll. 12.
24 Oct 1914N.Bosnia: VIII Kps, Komb (FML Alfred Krauss) Kps, Gp Syrmien, Gp Banat (under Balkan OberKmdo), ku 8 LstEtBrig (lower Drina).
21 Dec 1914GdK EH Eugen took over 5 Armee and BOK, with FML Krauss as Chief of Staff. FML Sarkotiæ as Kmdt BHD.
end Dec 1914Kmdo -Indjya: Komb Kps, XIII, VIII Kps, Gp Syrmien (Lst), Gp Banat (under BOK).
1 May 1915Known as AGp EH Eugen: Kmdo -Peterwardein: 109 LstIBrig, 10 GbBrig, XV, XVI Kps.
23 May 19155 Armee Kmdo with XV and XVI Kpsmoved to SW Front, arr 12 Jun 15.
27 May 1915GdI Boroević took command: Kmdo -Laibach: formerly Kmdo 57 ID commanded Hauptrayon
1 Jun 1915Abschnitt I -XV Kps: II -XVI Kps: III -57 ID, 48 ID as Armeeres: IV -94 ID.
23 Jun 19151st (Battle of) Isonzo: Abschnitt I -XV Kps: II -XVI Kps: III -57, 93 ID: IV -94 ID.
18 Jul 19152nd Isonzo: Abschnitt I -XV Kps: II -XVI Kps: III -VII Kps: IV-94 ID.
15 Oct 1915Abschnitt I -XV Kps: II -XVI Kps: IIIa -VII Kps: IIIb -III Kps: IV -Küstenabschnitt Triest: V -Küstenabschnitt Fiume: Bereich des Kriegshavens Pola.
18 Oct to 4 Nov 19153rd Isonzo.
10 Nov to early Dec 19154th Isonzo.
mid Dec 1915XV Kps passed to command AGp Rohr (Kärntner) -see 10 Armee below.
10 Mar 1916Start of 5th Isonzo: Abschnitt I -XVI Kps: II -VII Kps: III -61 ID, 9 ID: IV -Küstenrayon
mid May 1916Abschnitt I -XV Kps: II -XVI Kps: III -VII Kps: IV -Triest: Armeeres -9 ID, 24 LstGbBrig.
1 Aug 1916Abschnitt I -XV Kps: II -XVI Kps: IIIa -VII Kps: IIIb -9 ID: Armeeres-43 SchD: IV -Triest: V -Fiume.
8-16 Aug 19166th Isonzo: reinforcements received -8, 2 GbBrig, komb ID Hrozny (on 22 Aug became 57
17-30 Aug 1916reinforcements received -28 ID, XVII Kps Kmdo, 44 SchD, 16 ID.
14 Sep 19167th Isonzo: GO Boroević: XV, XVI, VII Kps, 9 ID: Abschnitt IV -Triest: Armeeres 44 SchD,
9-12 Oct 19168th Isonzo.
31 Oct to 4 Nov 19169th Isonzo.
11 Nov 1916XV, XVII, XVI, VII, XXIII (from 10 Nov 16) Kps:.Abschnitt IV -Triest: Armeeres -44 SchD,
1 Apr 1917XV, XVII, XVI, VII, XXIII Kps: Armeeres -44 SchD, 9 ID, AOKres -43 SchD.
12 May to 5 Jun 191710th Isonzo: Abschnitt I -XV Kps: Iia -XVII Kps: IIb -XVI Kps: III -FZM Würm -VII,
24 May 19175 Armee retitled Isonzo -Armee (Isa).


5 Jun 1917end of 10th Isonzo: XV, XXIV, XVII, XVI, VII, XXIII.Kps: Küstenabschnitt IV -Triest: 16 ID, 7 ID both leaving: 12 ID arrived
18 Aug to 1 Sep 1917llth Isonzo: GO Boroević v.Boina: XV, XXIV, XVI, VII, XXIII Kps: Armeeres -24 ID, 9 ID,
25 Aug 1917Isonzo front command structure reorganized -Isa Kmdo became Kmdo HGp Boroević, see Appendix A to Chapter 6; two new armies were formed -2 Isa on the northern sector and 1 Isa on the southern sector, see below.
end Dec 1917Following reorganization after the success of 12th Isonzo, the Battle of Caporetto, HGp Boroević was reconstituted; Both 1 and 2 Isa ended their brief lives to become once again Isa: XVI, IV, VII, XXIII Kps.
15 Jun 1918HGp Boroević: GO Freiherr v.Würm: XVI, IV, VII, XXIII Kps: Armeeres -57 ID -Vilotta:
15 Aug 1918HGp Boroević: XVI, IV, VII, XXIII Kps.
15 Oct 1918HGp Boroević: XVI, IV, VII, XXIII, XXII Kps.
24 Oct 1918HGp Boroević: XVI, IV, VII, XXIII, XXII Kps.


25 Aug 1917Formed from part of Isa, see above: Freiherr v.Würm.
24 Oct 191712th. Isonzo: HGp Boroević: XVI, VII, XXIII Kps: Abschnitt Triest: Armeeres -21 SchD
26 Dec 1917Disbanded. See Isa above.


25 Aug 1917Formed from part of Isa, see above. Ritter v.Henriquez.
24 Oct 191712th Isonzo: HGp Boroević: Gp Kosak -60 ID (prior to 10 Oct, was called 73 ID), 35 ID,
21 Dec 1917Disbanded. See Isa above.


Aug 1914BalkanOberKmdo: FZM Potiorek: XV, XVI Kps, 3 GbBrig, 47 ID, 40 HID, ku 109 LstIBrig,
24 Oct 1914XIII, XV, XVI Kps, Drinasicherung -17 GbBrig, Gp Obst Hauser
21 Dec 1914FZM Potiorek retired following the second defeat by Serbia. See 5 Armee above. 6 Armee
20 Jan 19186 Armee Kmdo reactivated and took over from the departing d.14 Armee Kmdo in the
1 Apr 1918HGp Boroević: XV, II, XXIV Kps.
15 Jun 1918HGp Boroević: GO EH Joseph: II, XXIV Kps: Armeeres -11 HKD, Gp Obst Heinlein: Armee unm. HRdfBaon.
15 Aug 1918HGp Boroević: XV, II, XXIV Kps.
15 Oct 1918HGp Boroević: Fürst Schönburg-Hartenstein: II, XXIV Kps: Armeeres -10 ID, 43 SchD,
24 Oct 1918HGp Boroević: II, XXIV Kps.

AGp Pflanzer-Baltin / 7 ARMEE

Oct 1914MilitärKmdo Munkács: GM Hofmann: thirty four Baone of various kinds.
20 Oct 1914AGp Pflanzer -Baltin: GdK Pflanzer -Baltin: Kmdo Munkács: responsible for all öst-ung
late Jan 1915XIII Kps arr from 5 Armee -36 ID, 42 HID.
23 Jan 19156 ID, 54 ID, Poln Legion, Gp Schreitter, ku 123 LstIBrig, Gp Bekesi (remnant ku 7 LstEtBrig), XIII Kps incl 5 HKD (from 2 Armee), (Kav) Streifkps Rittm.Freih.v.Vivenot.
14 Apr 1915Carpathians: XIII Kps, Kps Czibulka, Kps Marschall, Gp Schwes.
1 May 1915XIII Kps, Kps Czibulka, d.Gp Marschall, XI Kps: res -8 KD.
8 May 1915AGp Pflanzar -Baltin became 7 Armee with no change of commander.
16-20 May 1915Brig Papp, XI Kps, Gp Marschall, III Kps, Kps Czibulka, XIII Kps Gp Ljubicic: troops
26 May to 3 Jun 1915XI Kps, Gp Marschall, III Kps, Kps Czibulka, Gp Ljubicic (seventeen Baone), and from 17 May-Gp Schönburg.
12-21 Jun 1915XI, III Kps, Kps Czibulka, XIII Kps in reserve, Gp Schönburg.
22 Jun 1915Bukowina: XIII Kps, Kps Czibulka, III Kps, Gp Benigni, XI Kps.
1 Sep 1915XIII Kps Gp (Kps) Henriquez, Gp (Kps) Benigni, XI Kps, 10 KD -4 Sep to HGp Joseph Ferdinand.
15 Oct 1915VI, XIII Kps, Kps Hadfy, Gp Benigni, XI Kps.
15 Dec 1915Kmdo -Kolomea: VI, XIII Kps, Kps Hadfy, Kps Benigni, XI Kps: Armee unm.-51 HID,
1 Jan 1916VI, XIII Kps, Kps Hadfy, Kps Benigni, XI Kps: Kmdo Czernowitz.
4 Jun 1916XI Kps, Gp (Kps) Benigni, Gp (Kps) Hadfy, XIII, VI Kps: Armeeres -9 IBrig, 72 IBrig,
3 Jul 1916Bukowina: GO Freiherr v.Pflanzer -Baltin: XI Kps, KavKps Brudermann, Gp (Kps) Benigni,
28 Jul 1916HGp EH Karl: XI Kps, KavGp Brudermann, Gp Rudolf Krauss; Armee res -d.Karpathenkps.
28 Aug to 30 Sep 1916GdK Kirchbach took command 7 Sep: Kmdo -Marmaros-Sziget: I Kps until 9 Sep, d.XXV
1 Oct 1916HGp EH Karl:Gp Brudermann.until 5 Oct, d.XXV Rkps arr 10 Sep (see above),
20 Oct 1916HFront EH Karl
1 Nov 1916HFront EH Karl: XI, I, d.Karpathenkps, d.XXV RKps
12 Jan 1917HFront EH Joseph: Kmdo -Marmaros -Sziget:16 Ibrig: d.XXV Rkps, d.Karpathenkps, I, XI Kps.
1 Mar 1917GO v.Kövess: XI, I Kps, d.Karpathenkps, d.XXV Rkps: Armeeres -16 IBrig from 30 ID.
23 Jul 1917HFront EH Joseph: Gp Krauss (Kmdo I Kps) -XI; Gp Pichler (Kmdo 59 ID); d.Karpathenkps,
1 Oct 1917HFront EH Joseph: Gp Habermann -XI Kps; Gp Herberstein -5 HKD, 6 KD, 11 HKD; Gp Conta -XXVI Kps, d.Karpathenkps, XVII Kps.
31 Dec 1917HGp EH Joseph: Bukowina: Gp Habermann -5 HKD, XI Kps, 11 HKD; XXVI Kps -former
Jan 19183 and 7 Armee Kmdo combined to become 7 Armee Kmdo.
28 Feb 1918HFront FM Kövess: Kmdo -Czernowitz: Gp -Kosak -187 IBrig, 6 KD, 36 ID, 5 ID, 2 KD
Mar 1918Heimkehrerkordon -187 IBrig, 43 SchD.
15 Apr 1918187 IBrig, 36 ID: 7 Armee Kmdo disbanded: XI Kps Kmdo became 7 GenKmdo at

NOTE: 8 and 9 Armeen did not exist.

Gp Rohr / Armee Rohr / Agp (Kärntner) Rohr /10 ARMEE

13 Aug 1914GdK Rohr appointed to command troops on the Italian border: Militärkmdo Innsbruck FML v.Koeenan -Horék: Militärkmdo Graz -FML v.Mattanovich.
27 Feb 1915Armee Rohr: 90 ID (Bozen), 91 ID (Trient), 92 ID (Villach), 93 ID (Laibach).
May 191595 ID (Görz) added.
22 May 1915Armee Rohr became Agp (Kärntner) Rohr.
23 May 1915Karnische Alpen: 92 ID, 57 HaBrig; 59 GbBrig arriving, VII Kps.
1 Aug 1915Abschnitt I -48 ID; II -Gp Fernengel (Kmdo 59 GbBrig); III -92 ID; IV -44 SchD.
15 Oct 1915Abschnitt I -48 ID; II -94 ID; III -92 ID; IV -44 SchD.
mid Dec 1915boundary with 5 Armee moved South so that XV Kps became Abschnitt V.
25 Jan 1916AGp Rohr became 10 Armee under SW Front.
10 Mar 1916start of 5th Isonzo: Abschnitt I -94 ID: II -Gp Globocvik; III -92 ID; IV -44 SchD; V-XV Kps; AOK res 48ID.
early Apr 1916Kmdo Villach: Abschnitt I -94 ID; II -92 ID; III -27 GbBrig.
Jun 1916Abschnitt I -94 ID; II -92 ID; III -59 GbBrig; V -27 GbBrig.
1 Aug 1916FML Scotti as Kmdt.
14 Sep 1916Abschnitt IV now new 93 ID.
1 Apr 191794 ID, 92 ID, 59 Ibrig, 93 ID.
12 May 1917SW Front: v.Krobatin: IV Kps, Gp EH Peter Ferdinand (Prior to arr IV Kps 10 May) 59 IBrig, 93 ID: from 10 May IVKps commanded Abschnitt I and II; Gp EH Peter Ferdinand abschnitt III and IV
31 Oct 1917came under commend HGp EH Eugen: 94 ID, Gp Hordt -29 GbBrig, 59 GbBrig.
22 Nov 191710 Armee Kmdo moved to Trient: arr 26 Nov 17.
28 Nov 191710 Armee took over command of W. Tirol: Gp EH Peter Ferdinand, XX Kps, 56 SchD.
1 Jan 1918HGp Conrad: Gp EH Peter Ferdinand -Rayon I, II; XX Kps; from 3 Jan 18 XIV Kps.
1 Apr 1918HGp Conrad: Gp EH Peter Ferdinand -Rayon I, II, 1 ID in Bozen, late in May Val di Sola; by
21 May 1918HGp Conrad: Gp EH Peter Ferdinand -Rayon I, II, 1 ID, 22 SchD; XX, XXI, XIV Kps.
15 Jun 1918HGp Conrad: FM Freiherr v.Krobatin: Gp EH Peter Ferdinand -Rayon I (164 Ibrig), II (FML
15 Aug 1918HGp EH Joseph: V, XX, XXI, XIV Kps.
15 Oct 1918HGp EH Joseph: W. Tirol east to R. Adige: V, XX, XXI, XIV Kps: Armeeres -159 IBrig.
24 Oct 1918HGp FM v.Krobatin: V, XX, XXI, XIV Kps.


mid Feb 1916formed, Kmdo being former Landesverteidigungskmdo Tirol; see also XIV Kps, Appendix 6C:
early Apr 1916HGp Eugen: Kmdo -Trient: VIII, XX, III, XVII Kps.
15 May 1916HGp EH Eugen: VIII, XX, III Kps.
12 Jun 1916GO Dankl relieved by GO Rohr.
30 Jun 1916HGp EH Eugen: XXI, XX Kps.
1 Aug 1916Rayon III, XXI, XX, III, XVII Kps: 2 GbBrig, 8 GbBrig as Armeeres.
1 Nov 1916centre only shown here -Rayon III, Gp Guseck -88 KSchBrig, 28 LstGbBrig, 98 KSchBrig: XX, III Kps, 18 ID.
1 Apr 1917HGp Conrad: Rayon III, Etschtal Gp, XIV, III Kps, 18 ID.
12 May 1917HGp Conrad: Kmdt v.Scheuchenstuel: Rayon III (Südtirol), Gp Etschtal (? former KSchD),
1 Nov 1917HGp Conrad: Rayon III, 56 SchD, XIV, III.Kps, 18 ID.
10 Nov 1917reorganized for the attack following 12th Isonzo, Battle of Caporetto: Gp Kletter -Gp Schotsh, 12 IBrig; III Kps; Armeeres -106 LstID, 49 ID.mid Nov Kmdo -Levico.
26 Dec 1917HGp Conrad: XIV, III, Gp Kletter; 106 LstID -Busteria; d.5 ID dep 23 Dec 17.
3 Jan 1918HGp Conrad: III Kps, Gp Kletter (from 3 Feb 18, VI Kps); XXVI Kps from 31 Jan 18;
1 Apr 1918HGp Conrad: GO Graf Scheuchenstuel: III, VI, XXVI, I Kps.
15 Jun 1918HGp Conrad: III, XIII, VI, XXVI, I, XV Kps; Armeeres -36 ID; 53 ID -Hgpres; 3 KD-Caldonazzo; 10 KD -Lavarone.
15 Aug 1918HGp EH Joseph: III, XIII, VI, XXVI, I Kps.
15 Oct 1918HGp EH Joseph: III, XIII, VI Kps; Armeeres -5 ID, 16 ID; Armee unm. -38 FABrig; covered
26 Oct 1918HGp Krobatin: III, XIII, VI Kps

NOTE: 12 Armeekmdo became HGp EH Karl Kmdo and never existed as 12 Armee. See Appendix A to Chapter 6.

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