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Hello, Grüß Di, and welcome to the Austrian Philatelic Society (APS) site, where you'll find details of its activities and publications, as well more general information on Austrian Philately. These pages are written by Andy Taylor, the Editor (and Webmaster).

Corona virus:
(1) the AGM and Fest in September 2020 are cancelled
(2) London2020 is postponed until February 2022
(3) Sindelfingen in Autumn 2020 is cancelled

Guest article #1: Return receipt (RR) service in the Austrian Empire, to 1875
Guest article #2: The Richard Krueger Collection
Guest article #2: Sammlung "Richard A. Krueger"

Notes: 1. We are an entirely separate organisation from the Austria Philatelic Society (US), although we have a working relationship with them.

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